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City Info ...

TAXICAB $1.70 drop charge + $.50 for each additional passenger. $3.00 per person for special events or meter rate if greater. Compliments or complaints? Call the Taxicab Bureau at 565-6272. Please be sure to remember the cab company and cab number. The airport flat rate is $21.00 for up to 3 people $8.00 for each additional passenger, not to exceed 5.

AIRPORT SHUTTLE This is the official transportation company providing shuttle service for the City of New Orleans to and from the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, guests can purchase tickets for $10.00 each way from the Airport Shuttle information desks. These desks are staffed 24 hours a day by informed, responsive tourism personnel who sell shuttle tickets, answer travel-related questions and offer helpful tourist information about events throughout the city. Passenger vans arrive at and depart from the airport every 15 minutes. 592-0555

PUBLIC BUS Fare: $1.10 Departs from the airport and goes to the downtown side of Tulane Avenue between Elks Place and South Saratoga Street approximately every ten minutes during peak hours (6-9 a.m., 3-6 p.m.), every 23 minutes otherwise. Buses run 6 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. For information call 737-9611.

STREETCAR St. Charles Avenue/Carrollton Avenue and Riverfront lines Fare: $1.00 (exact fare required); $1.25 Riverfront Transfers to public bus: $.10 Schedules available at Regional Transit Authority (RTA) office: 101 Dauphine, 4th floor, 569-2700.

PUBLIC BUS Fare: $1.00; express is $1.25 Schedules available at RTA office, 101 Dauphine, 4th floor, 569-2700. VISITOR PASSES Entitle bearer to unlimited ridership on all streetcar and bus lines. Available at hotels and shopping areas. Cost: $4.00 for one day, $8.00 for three days.

Following are a few parking tips to help keep you moving:


Beware of School Zones. The hour restrictions are enforced.

Don't park in Handicap Zones without an official handicapped license plate on your vehicle. Those traveling in rented vehicles may obtain a special handicapped placard by calling 483-4610.

Metered Parking, available throughout the city, is designed for short-term parking. Downtown meters usually cost a quarter for 15 minutes and are effective from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday -Friday. Parking is prohibited at meters in "rush hour zones" from 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Please read the meters before you park! Signs are posted if designated a "rush hour zone." During special events, signs are posted or bags are placed over meters in high traffic areas. You may not park at a bagged meter.

Park-N-Shop - Many downtown businesses and department stores offer free or discounted parking with minimum purchases.

Park-N-Ride: - Two Central Business District Shuttle Routes and a Vieux Carre (French Quarter) shuttle are available for your convenience. You may also park outside the downtown area and take a bus or streetcar to your destination.

Many parking lots offer Early Bird Specials, reduced rated for early parkers who arrive before 9 a.m. Times and rates vary, so shop around for the lot that best fits your needs.

Don't Get Carried Away - Towable parking violations include Parade Routes, Rush Hours (7-9 a.m., 4-6 p.m.), Driveways, Fire Lanes, Parking on Sidewalks or Neutral Grounds, Street Cleaning (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 a.m. - Noon), Loading and Service Zones, Corners and Crosswalks (within 20 feet) and Fire Hydrants (within 15 feet). Again, please be sure to read the signs!

To confirm whether your car was towed away and how much you must pay, contact the Claiborne Auto Pound at 400 N.Claiborne Avenue, 565-7450. Be prepared to identify your vehicle by license number, make, color and location where it was parked.


General Parking Questions, 826-1900; Administrative Hearing Center, 826-1820; Booting, 826-1820; Towing Information - Auto Pound, 565-7450; Parking Enforcement, 826-1880. February 16



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